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Round 1, fight...

At some point we all have to make an important decision which determines the path we lead in life. This decision has obliterated friendships, caused rifts within families and turned the most decisive people into jittering wrecks. Should I get myself Xbox One or a PlayStation 4?

Finish him…

Still can’t make up your mind?


The Xbox One and PS4 both rock out with an incredible eight cores of CPU. This basically means superfast gameplay that’s smooth when tackling those big blockbusters and delivers awesome graphics for checking out hot game characters. Is that wrong? Probably.

Gaming - Xbox One

Online gaming

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are both massive online communities where you can play and argue against strangers from around the world. Before you get mad, remember that they’re probably only 12.

Other media

Both devices offer a massive range of online media to keep you entertained. Enjoy the latest films and TV shows with either Xbox Video or the PlayStation Store. Nobody wants to go outside anyway.

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