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Pay monthly & contract mobile phones

THE Here in the realm of e2save, anyone can be the king. If you want to sit on the cashback throne and enjoy a long and happy reign, all you need to do is browse our range of awesome cashback deals, where there’s something to suit everyone.

If you fancy getting in on the action but don’t know where to start, we’ve drawn up a list of handy hints to ensure you’re polishing your crown jewels in no time.

Step 1 - Take residence in Cashbackingham Palace

The monarchy isn’t for everyone, so it’s worth knowing what you’re letting yourself in for. Cashback means that while you pay your monthly bill to your network, you can also claim money from us. If you don’t like the idea of cheques landing on your doormat, then stop reading now. If you think you could rule in a world where you get treasure through the letterbox, then take residence in Cashbackingham Palace, and move on to Step 2…

Pay monthly & contract mobile phones
Step 2 - Enjoy a Golden Jubilee

With different types of cashback available, you should cast your right royal gaze over the various deals we offer. There are two main types for your consideration – Automatic cashback and Cashback by redemption. If you chose Automatic, then you get one lump-sum cashback cheque at the start of the contract. Redemption means five cheques, which equals more cash, but you need to claim these at regular intervals.

Pay monthly & contract mobile phones
Step 3 - Award yourself a CBE (for the Cash Back Elite)

If you chose a redemption deal, you’ll be given five claim dates. For each claim you just need to forward us your network bill for the specified month, so we know the contract is still up and running. Be sure to write these engagements down in the royal diary so you don’t forget, and you’ll be rewarded each time with a cashback cheque delivered right to the front door of your palace.

Pay monthly & contract mobile phones
Step 4 - Oversee the budget your Excellency

With bonus cash arriving, the only thing left to do is decide where to allocate the funds. If any members of the Royal family have birthdays on the way, you can treat them to a swanky gift, or perhaps use it to help with the on-going palace upkeep. Whether you put your cheques towards a state visit to somewhere sunny, or just to feed the corgis, you’ll soon grow accustomed to the benefits of being the cashback king!

Pay monthly & contract mobile phones