Pay As You Go Phone Deals

Cheap No Contract Deals

Don’t like being tied into a contract? With Pay As You Go phones, you only pay for the minutes, texts and data you need. This means you’re in the driving seat when it comes to how much you spend.

Take Control With Pay As You Go Deals

Pay As You Go is a great option for people who want complete control over their budget, and it can even work out cheaper than a contract depending on your monthly usage.

No obligations

With Pay As You Go, you own your phone outright from the beginning; there’s no contract and no obligation for a monthly spend involved. With most providers, you simply have an account balance that you top up with credit, and the cost of your calls, texts are data are deducted after use.

Bundles of choice

You can also get one-month ‘bundles’ of data, minutes and texts that are good for 30 days after you buy them. This can be a good option if you know you’re going to be using your phone more than usual that month.

Round Up

If you use your phone a lot, a contract or SIM-only deal normally works out as better value – but for occasional users or people who need control over their budget, PAYG can be the way to go.

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