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Nokia 150 (Front)
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Nokia 150

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The Nokia 150 might not have any fancy smartphone features, but it does have the kind of build that can survive a fair few drops, and a massive battery that lasts for days on end. You can also indulge your inner retro gamer, thanks to the return of Snake.

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Everything you need to know Why buy the Nokia Nokia 150

Durable Nokia 105

Tougher than Chuck Norris

Want a phone that can stand up to a few bumps and knocks? Butterfingers of the world unite, as the Nokia 150 features a tough polycarbonate shell that won’t smash at the first sign of trouble. It also keeps its colour, even if it gets dinked or scratched.

This may be a budget phone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a cracking colour screen on the front. Whether you’re giving your thumbs a workout on the pre-installed games, or checking out your latest holiday happy-snaps, this eye-catching display is sure to keep your attention.

Chin-wag for hours

If you’re the kind of person who can talk for hours then you’re in luck, as the Nokia 150 has the battery life to keep up. This absolute trooper of a mobile phone can last for a whopping 31 days if left on standby, or chatterboxes can enjoy a mighty 22 hours of talk time according to Nokia.

With such a heavy-duty battery on board, this handset is the perfect companion if you’re hitting the road on a long journey, heading to Glastonbury for the weekend, or skipping town for a camping trip under the stars. When you return to civilisation, you can charge up again with minimal fuss, thanks to a universal USB connection.

Nokia 150 battery life.

The best Nokia

Everyone knows their favourite classic Nokia features, and you won’t be disappointed with the 150. Whether you miss the retro Snake game, or want the legendary Nokia torch in your pocket, you’re in luck, as both are present and correct.

Also on board is a VGA camera, so you’ll never miss a photo opportunity again, and Bluetooth connectivity so you can share your snaps with friends and family. Your ears are also in for a treat, thanks to a built in FM radio and MP3 player.

Nokia Nokia 150 Description

Get ready for one serious tough-cookie of a phone, with the super durable Nokia 150. Small but perfectly formed, this super-charged handset has a battery life of up to 31 days on standby, as well as an mp3 player and FM radio to while away those long journeys.

You can stay up to date with all your messages on a 2.4 inch colour display, and get snap-happy with the 3MP camera complete with LED flash. Finally, enjoy some retro gaming fun, as this handset also contains the legendary snake game, which will keep your thumbs tapping for hours.

Product Specs

Key Features
2.4 inch colour display
VGA Camera
LED Flashlight
FM radio
Bluetooth connectivity
Classic Snake game
Internal Memory
Expandable memory
microSD, up to 32GB
Standard Features
Speaker phone
Music Features
MP3 Player
FM Radio
Polyphonic Ringtones
118 x 50.2 x 13.5 mm (4.65 x 1.98 x 0.53 in)
81.0g (including battery)
Talk Time
22 hours
Display Size
Standby Time
31 days
Battery Size
1020 mAh
Camera Features
VGA camera
LED flash
Display & User Interface
65K colours
Micro SD card slot