Reasons not to buy from e2save

Apple iPhone - 4G

There’s too much choice

Kiss goodbye to getting anything done this afternoon, as you browse through oodles of unbelievable offers. With so many great deals to consider, how are you ever supposed to make a decision? From smashing stylish smartphones to brilliant budget blowers, you’ve really got your work cut out here.

You’ll spend all that spare cash on rubbish

Not only do we offer great value, but you can also receive cashback rewards on many deals. This can be selected as automatic cashback or by redemption, and will inevitably lead to extra money burning a hole in your pocket. Whether it’s a microwave mop or dog-walking dinner plate, you’ll slowly find your house starting to fill with pointless impulse purchases.

Apple iPhone - 4G

You can’t blag time off work to wait for delivery

“Sorry boss, I can’t come in. My new smartphone is being delivered sometime this week.” We’re afraid that old chestnut won’t fly any longer. With next-day delivery and a one-hour-window notification, you’ll know exactly when to expect your shiny new device. Oh, and we can also deliver to your workplace too, so you’ll need a better excuse for time off.

Apple iPhone - 4G
Apple iPhone - 4G

Friends and family will start expecting awesome presents

If you decide against cashback, there’s still a number of other incentives you can enjoy on selected deals, such as a choice of free gifts. After your friends and family see you sitting around playing happily on your new iPad Air, they’re may end up thinking you have cash to burn, and will expect more than socks this Christmas.

You’ll be inflicting all this hardship on your friends

If you think you can withstand this list of hardships, then just spare a thought for your poor friends and family. With refer-a-friend rewards of £20-£60 available for every customer you recommend to us, you may be tempted to subject others to e2save, leaving them to endure tip-top tech and awesome value too.

Apple iPhone - 4G