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Recommend a mate

Up to £60 in your pocket

Does anyone fancy £60 in free money? We’re not yanking your chain, we really are willing to swap some legal tender for every friend or family member who you introduce to the wonderful world of e2save. That’s £60 for every upgrade, and £20 for every new pay monthly contract you refer.

That’s £60 for every upgrade, and £20 for every new pay monthly contract you refer. (does not include sim only contracts or pay as you go)

What's more?

The sky’s the limit as to how many people you send our way. You just need to make sure that your mates are not existing e2save customers before you begin, then follow the simple steps below and watch the cash come rolling in.

1. Have a gander at your confirmation email, and make a note of your order number.

If your order number is: 12345

Add your order number to the end of:

It’ll look like this:

2. Send your friends and family the URL with your own number at the end. You can share this by phone, text, email, blog, social media, or attached to the leg of a reliable carrier pigeon.

3. Providing your referee keeps their phone past the cooling off period, you’ll receive your cheque within 6-8 weeks. It really is that simple. Just try it if you don’t believe us.