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Cheap Unlocked Handsets

Looking for a handset only, without a contract? Choose a SIM-free mobile phone only, put in your own SIM card, and enjoy the freedom of not being tied down. We've got a huge range of unlocked phones to choose from, from budget to premium, so take a look around and see which is right for you.

What does SIM free mean?

SIM free means buying your SIM and phone seperately, as opposed to on the same contract. Buying an unlocked phone upfront means you can slot in any SIM you like (as long as it fits the phone). SIM-free phones work by letting you enjoy low monthly costs on a plan that suits you. They're also great if you're still on a contract but want a new phone.

Can SIM free phones be used on any network?

All SIM-free phones from e2save are unlocked, so they can be used on any UK network. Pair with a SIM only deal from e2save to receive a Multi-SIMs which fits any phone. SIM only deals are available on short contracts or rolling monthly deals, so if you decide you want more allowances or even want to switch to a different network, you can do it as soon as the month is out. Browse our full range of spectacular SIM-only deals here.

Sim-free With Sim-only

Can I keep my number?

Yes, you can keep the same number you had on your last phone. If you're using the same SIM, then no action is necessary. If you're moving to a new SIM-only purchase, just request your PAC code when you terminate your previous agreement. So feel free to browse e2save's cheap deals on unlocked phones and enjoy the benefits.

SIM Free vs Unlocked - What's the difference?

'SIM free' refers to a handset that is purchased without a SIM and contract. An 'unlocked phone' refers to the handset not being restricted to use on just one network. In fact, all SIM free handsets ordered from e2save ARE unlocked so they can be used on whichever UK network you prefer. A handset can be both SIM free and unlocked, it's just useful to understand this terminology when making a purchase.

Sim-free vs Unlocked


My contract has run out. Can I use my existing SIM in my new SIM free phone?

If your contract has run out, you'd be advised to update your deal to save yourself money. By purchasing a SIM only deal, you're likely to find cheaper line rental at shorter commitments. If you want to keep your existing number, just remember to request your PAC from your nexwork when you cancel your previous agreement. Alternatively, you can upgrade your line to SIM only.

Can I make my existing phone 'SIM Free?'

If you purchased your handset from another retailer, or as pay-as-you-go, there's a chance that it may be network locked. You can check with your network to determine this. Phones may be unlocked by a network, or at various independent high-street oulets, although please note that the latter will invalidate the warranty. Once unlocked, your handset is ready to be a SIM only phone.

I'm still in contract with a network, can I change to SIM free now??

If you're still in contract, you'll need to honour your agreement before you switch. If you're on a 12, 18 or 24 month agreement, just contact your network to see how long you have left. If you still want to leave your contract early, this would incur a termination fee, equivalent to your remaining line rental costs.

What's the difference between SIM free and Pay As You Go?

A pay-as-you-go phone has no monthly allowances or commitments, you simply top-up your account for the usage your require. SIM free phones have no SIM included, and no allowances provided. There's a chance that pay-as-you-go phones may be network locked, but all SIM free phones purchased from e2save are unlocked.

Do SIM free phones have a warranty?

SIM free phones purchased from e2save arrive with all the warranty protection as our contract phones. This includes a one-month return or exchange period, followed by free warranty repairs at any Carphone Warehouse store nationwide. Our own retailer's warranty does not affect your manufacturer's warranty which is also included.

Can SIM free phones be used abroad?

SIM free phones have all the same international roaming potential as contract phones. Your roaming options and charges are all down to your network agreement, so be sure to check with your provider before travelling. They'll be able to let you know any overseas charges, and to enable any international bundles you may require.