If ever a meteorite smashed into the earth bringing about our untimely end, it’s well noted that the only thing that would survive the apocalypse would be cockroaches and the Nokia 5210. Now although the 5210 is a sturdy device, it’s hardly the most advanced.

It’s reassuring to know that smartphone manufacturers have been working on handsets that don't instantly shatter into a million pieces when they topple off a table the week after you got them. Because, like a piece of toast, your phone is guaranteed to always land face down.

The major manufacturers have now woken up to the fact that humans are a clumsy species, who like to drop stuff now and then. These phones won't survive the previously mentioned armageddon, but they'll take a knock or two, with the best possible odds of making it to the end of a contract intact.

Alcatel Go Play

Named the Go Play, as it’s designed for people with a sense of fun, this handset is ready for everything that your next adventure has to throw at it. It’s waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, meaning it can withstand a dip in the pool, as well as the dreaded tumble. In fact if you head to goplay.alcatelonetouch.com you can watch the phone being put through its paces.

Microsoft Lumia 650

If you don’t want your smartphone display to look more like a spider web than a screen, you’ll need something with a reinforced display. Next time you’re looking through a handset spec-sheet keep an eye out for a Gorilla Glass display, which means that it won’t shatter at the first sign of impact. The Microsoft Lumia 650 has a display made from Gorilla glass 3, so you know it means business.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

The S5 Neo is a handset built for the great outdoors, as evident by the Heart rate monitor on the rear of the device. Keep an eye on your progress as you run, walk and cycle without fearing for the safety of your smartphone. This adventurous device is IP67 certified water and dust resistant, so you never have to worry about the conditions, as you take any situation in your stride.

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