Tablets. They’re more popular than laptops these days. Pay for yours upfront or grab one free with a phone contract.

Why are tablets awesome?

Browse the internet on your tablet

Surfing the web

Whether you watch cat videos on YouTube or stalk friends on Facebook, maybe you do neither of these cheesy internet clichés but quite like to go online, surfing the web on a tablet is a (sorry).

Enjoying multimedia

According to an ancient and 100% true proverb; “there is no better cure for boredom than a tablet PC.” So, stream your favourite films on Netflix, listen to the latest album on iTunes or play the hottest games in HD.

Enjoy multimedia features on your tablet

e-book reading

Effortlessly download the latest bestseller straight onto your tablet ready for you to read whenever you like. It’s like carrying around your own portable library, plus it helps save the trees. Kumbayah and all that.

Getting ‘appy

These days there’s an app for everything and they are so easy to download onto your tablet. Go on the Google Play Store for Androids or the App Store for Apple tablets and take a browse. Simple.

App downloads for your tablet device

Portable brilliance

Most models come in 2 sizes, one being a few inches smaller. Normally, the smaller the cheaper, however, bigger is better if you love watching movies or editing documents.

Full of energy

What’s the point in being portable if the battery quickly runs out? Thankfully, tablets can usually last a full day on one single charge, hallelujah!

Energy and power saving tablets