Looking for O2 and EE?

Our relationship with EE has ended on 1st October and O2 on 31st March. There will be no immediate impact to customers who have an EE or O2 Connection and we will continue to offer support and advice. There will be no change to your package or service or the prices and duration of your current deal, whether you have recently purchased EE with us, or are looking at buying now. We also continue to be here to help with you with future choices by offering a wide range of option at the end of your contract. You can Switch & Save with our award winning networks iD mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Media and Voxi

  1. 5G Unlimited Data Plan
  2. Entertainment packages from Spotify to Now TV
  3. VeryMe Rewards daily perks

  1. 30 Days Sim only plans
  2. Data rolling
  3. 4G and wifi calling

  1. Data free messaging through social apps
  2. Data rollers
  3. Roaming in 43 EU countries

  1. No contract
  2. Endless Social media
  3. Endless data roaming


What’s changed?

As of 1st October 2020, our relationship with EE has ended and as of 31st April 2020, our relationship with O2 ended. This will have no impact on customers with an EE oe O2 connection purchased through ourselves, and we’ll continue to provide advice and support, as well as great deals with Vodafone, iD Mobile, Virgin and Voxi.

Why can I no longer buy EE or O2 here?

We’ve decided to move to a new type of mobile offer, which is more flexible and transparent and will continue to offer exceptional value. We still range a wide selection of networks, including the award-winning iD Mobile, Vodafone, Voxi and Virgin Media.

What will happen if I have an EE or O2 contact through e2save?

If you currently have an EE or O2 connection through e2save, there will be no immediate change. We will continue to offer support and advice, and there will be no change to your contract or service. We also offer a wide range of options when your contract ends.

What should I do if I want an EE contract or upgrade?

Although we no longer sell EE or O2 connections, we’ll continue to offer some of the most competitive deals on the market. We still offer a great range of choices when you’re looking for a new deal, with tariffs from Vodafone, iD Mobile, Voxi and Virgin Media.