The long-awaited Android Pie was finally released in August 2018. From Digital Wellbeing to Adaptive Battery, Android Pie is packed with a whole host of exciting features which are sure to impress.

We’ve taken a look at some of Android Pie’s best features to find out what makes it one of the most intelligent operating systems around.

1 - Adaptable AI

Adaptive Battery helps to reduce battery consumption on the apps you don’t use so you can spend more time on the ones you do. Android Pie pays attention to how you use your device, learning about the apps you most frequently and the ones that are left running in the background. Using this information Android Pie is able to adjust the handset’s battery usage, restricting the energy used from your less-frequented apps so your battery can go further.


Another impressive use of AI in Android Pie is Adaptive Brightness. Depending on your surroundings, Adaptive Brightness adjusts your display, so you’ll be able to use your phone with ease no matter where you are. What’s more, Android Pie also considers how you use the brightness on your phone, adjusting the display so it’s exactly how you like it.

2 - Digital wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is a welcome addition to Android Pie, helping users to keep a watchful eye on how they use their device. The dashboard is the digital wellbeing hub, displaying key stats about your handset such as how many notifications you’ve received and the number of times you unlock your device. If you feel like you’re spending too long on certain apps, you can now enlist the help of the App Timer. The App Timer feature is perfect for monitoring how long you spend on your phone, allowing you to view a breakdown of your app usage and set time restrictions on your favourite apps.


Wind Down and Do Not Disturb are designed to help users to switch off and get a good night’s sleep. Do Not Disturb mutes notifications from everyone but starred contacts for whenever you feel like you need to disconnect. And if you need some help getting to sleep, Wind Down mode is here to help. Simply set your bedtime and your phone will dim the display to greyscale and automatically activate Do Not Disturb to help you relax when you need to most.

3 - Slices

The Google search bar has gained a whole new level of functionality thanks to the introduction of Slices. The search bar acts in the same way as before but in addition to seeing the icon of the app you searched for, you will also be able to access a whole host of handy actions from within the app itself to help you to perform tasks quicker.


For example, searching for Uber would bring up relevant suggestions such as the price of a taxi home, suggested destinations and your driver’s estimated time of arrival.

4 - Improved notifications

If you find yourself getting too many notifications from the apps you don’t care about, or too little from the ones you do, Android Pie has a solution. If you keep dismissing notifications from certain apps, Android Pie will prompt you to mute notifications from the app altogether. Alternatively, if you want to see more from certain apps you can change your preferences to increase the frequency of the notifications.


There is also the option to choose how regularly you would like to hear from apps. For example, if you only want to receive Facebook notifications 5 times a week you can adjust the frequency in the settings. Notifications have been enhanced to make messaging easier than ever. Smart replies suggest potential responses to your recent messages, so you can effortlessly reply in seconds.

5 - Navigation

Perhaps one of the biggest changes with Android Pie is the navigation. Switch between apps, use Google Assistant, and more, all with a variety of gestures. And if you fancy adding additional gestures, you can even create your own in settings.


App Actions intelligently predicts your next move, giving you easy shortcuts to help you get from A to B. Connect your earphones and the music you were listening to earlier will appear on your screen, or leave for work and the meeting notes you were working on will pop up. The possibilities are endless.

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