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All About e2save

C’mon, get to know us

This is the section where we big ourselves up and tell you how fantastic we are. It’s like we’re on a first date and we can’t shut up about ourselves, so you just sit there staring into space and wishing you never swiped right.

Reasons to shop with us.

  • Dead cheap prices on phones
  • If we don't range it, it's not worth having
  • Mates with all the big networks
  • Free gifts to make your contract epic
  • Customer service that's got your back

Deals to get excited about

That’s because you’ve just got a cracking deal on some awesome tech, all in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

We got your back

Our friendly staff are not just a lovely bunch, they’re pros at finding quality deals, offering expert advice, and making your day.

If we’ve not got it, it’s not worth having

Got your eye on the latest futuristic handset? Or are you searching for a budget device that still delivers the goods? Whether you want a fantastic snapper, mind-blowing battery life, or a phablet big enough to hide behind, we got you covered.

Because e2save is an online division of The Carphone Warehouse, you’re backed up by the reliability of one of the most trusted names on the high street.

We get all the shiny new releases hot off the production line, and offer face-melting deals that you won’t find anywhere else, either on the web or the high street.

With so many people in the office, there are heaps of opportunities to raise some dosh for charity.

From national fundraising events to local causes, there’s nothing we love more than embarrassing our colleagues in the name of a good cause. Have a gander at our supporting causes page for more info.

We know that recycling doesn’t stop with plastic bottles, so we comply with the WEEE Directive to ensure all old phones and batteries are correctly disposed of. They never go to landfills. Because landfills stink. Literally.

This is how we do it

We were founded way back in 1999. The world has changed a lot since then, but unlike Robbie or the Spice Girls, we’re still going strong. We’ve gone the distance by keeping our prices low, and our customers happy.

We take our business and your business, very seriously. Your confidential information is secure with us; we strictly observe data protection laws and promise never to pass your details on to a third party. So no need to worry.