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How to Claim Cashback

Everything you need to know.

Ordered a deal that comes with cashback by redemption? Good times. We hope you’re ready for some extra dosh. All you need to do is remember to claim it..

What is cashback?


Claimed across your phone contract in installments helping you shop smarter. Find out all you need to know with our handy video guide.

How to claim

Claim online faster than you can make a brew.

p>We are currently making improvements to our cashback claim process within My Account. Please send all claims via post for the next 3 days, or revisit after that time period.

The easiest way to send us your bill is to upload it electronically through My Account.

Or if you prefer to go old-school, you can post it via mail to:

Cashback Claims,
PO Box 376
Southampton, SO30 2PX

If you do post this, just be sure to use Recorded Delivery and keep your tracking receipt.

Cashback bill example

What to include

When selecting the correct monthly bill, always go by the issue date, not the itemisation dates. All you need to do then is send this to us within 60 days of the issue date. Just make sure your bill pages show the following info:

  • Your name
  • Your home address including full post code
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your current plan
  • The date of the bill

Now You Know How

Claim Cashback Online

Your Questions Answered