How to Claim Cashback

Everything you need to know.

If you've ordered a deal that comes with cashback by redemption and you're wondering what to do next, everything you need to know is listed here...

What is cashback?


'Cashback by redemption' means you claim five cashback instalments, at regular points during your contract. Find out all you need to know with our handy video guide.

'It is Currys Retail Limited who solely undertake to offer the above Cashback via cheque to qualifying end customers. Any queries in relation to such Cashback Offer shall be directed to by visiting My Account or calling 0330 678 0519 and not the network provider.'

How to claim

Upload or post, whichever is easiest for you

The easiest way to send us your bill is to upload it electronically through My Account.

Or if you prefer to forward your paper bill, you can post it via mail to:

PO Box 694
Salford, M5 0PJ

If you do post this, just be sure to use Recorded Delivery and keep your tracking receipt.

Cashback bill example

What to include

When selecting the correct monthly bill, always go by the issue date, not the itemisation dates. All you need to do then is send this to us within 60 days of the issue date. You only need to provide us with the pages of your bill which have the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your home address including full post code
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your current plan
  • The date of the bill

Now You Know How

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